371hp howo mixer truck

371hp howo mixer truck
  • 371hp howo mixer truck
Product name : 371hp howo mixer truck
Product No. : ZZ1257N3641W
1 : Horse power - 371hp
2 : Drive Model - 6x4
3 : Volume-9m3
4 : Fuel tank capacity-400L
5 : Tires-1200R20
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371hp howo mixer truck

1. howo mixer truck specification

Overall parameter

Overall dimension


Kerb weight


Mixing Drum parameter

Mixing drum material

High quality wear-resistance steel


Drum body thickness: 5mm, End cover thickness:6mm

Charging rate

≥3 m3/min

Top feed hopper dimension

≥650 mm

Discharging rate

≥2 m3/min

Residual rate


Water supply

Baric water supply system

Water tank capacity




Reduction gear

ZF P 4300 Reducer, Germany brand

Hydraulic pump

PMH P90, Italy Brand

Hydraulic motor

PMH M90, Italy brand


Tool box

Chassis parameter

Chassis Brand

SINO Truck

Axle base


Transmission(Gear box)


Front axle

Drum type

Rear axle

HC16 Driving axle



Cab type

HW 76 (with air-conditioner)

2. Howo concrete mixer truck working principle 

Howo 6x4 9m3 concrete mixer truck working principle of the concrete mixing truck is taking the power from the car engine by power takeoff device. Take the role of the power plant is by manipulating the power switch to the remove of engine power, hydraulic system driven by mixing barrel, mixing barrel racing to the rotation during feeding and transportation, to facilitate feeding and mixing of concrete, reverse rotation during discharging, cut off after work end connected to the engine's power.

3. Main Features

1.Control system
Adopt three-point control mode, by control bar on both rear sides and in-cab device to control the drum easily and conveniently.
2.Hydraulic driving system 
Adopt international top brand in hydraulic driving filed, such as Germany, Italian, American brand with integral structure ,excellent performance, to meet customers’ various special need.
3.Water supply system
Have various volume water tanker, can feed the water mixing and cleaning, enlarged water pipe and various feeding solution. Can convenient customer, water feeding solution can use air pressure ,reducer pump ,electronic pump, etc, can meet different requirement.4.Blade anti-wear protection
Modified logarithmic helical curve type of blade .In light of special need of wear resistance, all blades are mounted with anti-wear protection parts, not only prolonging vehicle life, but also synchronizing the wear of drum and blades.
5.Blade process
Blades are made of special cold-forming pressing molder, welded with drum body by new welding process without obvious trance.

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