Users take HOWO-T7H LNG tractor turck as first choice

 Users take HOWO-T7H LNG tractor turck as first choice


In the Chinese truck market, due to the relatively low operating costs of LNG heavy trucks, the gradual improvement of supporting infrastructure, environmental protection policies, and many other factors, many people predict that LNG heavy trucks have great development potential in the future, and many people who want to purchase or have the mind of vehicle replacement. They want to put the LNG truck as their first choice.

Sinotruk HOWO-T7H LNG tractor turck has obvious advantages in many aspects. Firstly HOWO-T7H LNG tractor truck meets the national six emission standards, It is equipped with MAN technology MT13 engine, covering the horse power from 400-520 the maximum output torque is 2400N • m, and the power output is not lower than diesel engine, which can meet the user's various transportation needs The engine has a wide range of economic speed (1000-1400r / m), low gas consumption, 50,000 kilometers for oil change, and gas consumption is 28-32KG  per100 kilometers, which is more than 10% lower than competing products,  This make the truck users run longer. The MT13 engine is matched with an advanced CFV continuous-flow gas supply system + integrated voltage regulator, which provides stable operation and accurate injection volume, and the life of engine B10 can achieve 1.5 million kilometers.

At the same time, the safety design of the cab gives users more peace of mind. The body of the T7H cab adopts the HOWO cab structure and the overall steel frame structure. The thickness of the steel plate in the cab can reach 1.3 mm (all competitors are below 1 mm). It is solid and firm, and has strong resistance to impact and external pressure. Which can meet the strictest Swedish regulations. Between the frame and the cab, there is an aluminum connecting frame. Once a rear-end collision occurs, this aluminum connecting frame will break quickly, and then the cab will move back to maximize the safety of driver in the cab. The left and right doors are equipped with anti-collision beams to improve passive safety. At the same time, the T7H cabin adopts a four-point airbag suspension cab with double filtering bumps. The luxury flat-floor cab and large space design with 980 mm "double" sleepers. Optional parking air conditioning, independent heating, electric heated seats, etc.


HOWO T7h Lng tractor truck will help you realize your dream of wealth.


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