sinotruk 10 ton dump truck

sinotruk 10 ton dump truck
  • sinotruk 10 ton dump truck
Product name : sinotruk 10 ton dump truck
Product No. : 737B3F
1 : Horse power - 115hp
2 : Drive Model - 4x2
3 : Payload -10t
4 : Cargo Box Size -3600×1900×600 mm
5 : Tires-7.50-16
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 Sinotruk 10 ton dump truck

1. 10 ton dump truck specification

 SINOTRUK CDW 737B3F 10ton Dump Truck 


 CDW 737B3F Dump Truck 

Cab and Panel

1760 Extended cabin, without A/C, Radio FM with USB



Type:  YN38PE-1

Type:4 cylinder, direct injection, water cooling,4 stroke,Euro II

Max horse power: 115hp

Rated revolution: 2600 rpm

Max. Torque: 520 N.m at 1300~1700 r/min

Displacement: 4.257 L

Cylinder bore×route: 110×112 mm



Type: 145F, 5 forward & 1 reverse

Ratio: 11.987,8.973,6.748,4.644,3.805,2.581,1.932,1.453,1,0.819,




Front type:  1058S1X

Rear axle type:  1080N(i=6.833)

Rear axle ratio: 6.833



Frame: 280/10,ladder shaped frame,280mm height,800mmwideth,10mm thickness

Front overhang: 1061-++,11pcs,telescopic shock absorber

Rear overhang: 153+,11pcs main spring and 8pcs assistance spring

Fuel tank:Iron steel,Volume 150L



Type:Steering wheel

Steering diameter:450mm

Max. cycles:5.5


Brake system

Motor brake:Double Circuit air brake

Parking brake: Brake

Auxiliary brake: Exhausted Brake


7.50-16×7, rear axle with double tires


Voltage: 24V,cathode ground connection



Wheelbase: 3650 mm

Wheeltrack: 1750 mm/ 1725mm

Overhang: 1260 mm / 1490 mm

Approaching angle/Departure angle: 24 / 23

Inner dimension:  3600×1900×600 mm

Total dimention:  5870×2060×2650 mm


Single cylinder 180mm×660mm



Rated mass:4800Kg

Load capacity:10000 kg

Total mass:14800 kg

Front axle load capacity:4590 kg

Rear axle load capacity:6905 kg

2. dump truck interior

3. sinotruk 10 ton dump truck production line 

4. Sinotruk CDW dump truck Shipment

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