Sinotruk leads sales in the first quarter

Sinotruk leads sales in the first quarter

In February 2020, the sales volume of China National Heavy Duty Truck reached 10,500, ranking second in the industry, the sales volume falling rate is less than the industry, and its market share becoming the highest in the past three years.

As shown in the figure below, in February 2018, China heavy truck total sales were 74,800, sinotruk sold 14,100, accounting for 18.85%; in February 2019, The heavy truck sales were 78,000, Sinotruk sold 13478, accounting for 17.28%

In February 2020, affected by the corona virus, the total sales of heavy trucks nationwide dropped to 39,000 units; of which, Sinotruk sold 10,500 vehicles, accounting for 26.92%. If calculated in terms of sales share, in February 2020, for every four heavy trucks sold in the country, one will be sold by Sinotruk.

It is worth mentioning that in the first two months of 2020, Sinotruk gas vehicle sales were hot, and its order volume exceeded the production and sales volume of last year.

The reason why this is achieved is because under the condition of rapid spread of coronavirus, since February 8, 2020, Sinotruk has resumed its work in full, All staff are on duty, and there is no delay in epidemic prevention and production Obvious.  This does work! Taking the sinotruk hohan production line as an example, since January 3,(lunar year)  resumption, the production lines have been running at full capacity, with an average of 150 Hohan heavy trucks off the production line every day. In February, many orders have been successfully completed.

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