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25 sinotruk howo T5G unmanned electric trucks operate in Tianjin port
On January 17, 2020, 25 sinotruk howo T5G unmanned electric trucks has carried out the world's first whole ship loading operation successfully in Tianjin Port. These trucks were independently researched and developed by China... View More>>
Sinotruk ranks first in Shandong high-end equipment leader
Sinotruk ranks first in Shandong high-end equipment leader,Recently, the Shandong Provincial Development and Reform committee announced the list of the top ten industrial leaders in Shandong Province, and Sinotruk Group ranked first in the high-end equipm... View More>>
Sinotruk and Weichai Holding signed agreement involving sales and procurement of parts
On December 16, 2019, Sinotruk, the company (itself and on behalf of its subsidiaries) and Weichai Holding signed a master agreement, according the the agreement ,SINOTRUK Group will sell sinotruk spare parts to Weichai Group and purchase some spare parts... View More>>
Sinotruk Business Conference 2020
On November 24, Sinotruk Business Conference 2020 was held in Jinan, Relevant leaders of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group.Tan Xuguang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Sinotruk Group, made wonderful speeches on three aspects of refor... View More>>
SINOTRUK is expected to achieve an annual export of 40,000 heavy duty trucks
It is estimated that Sinotruk can realize the targets of export of 40,000 this year, increased 10% compare with last year.... View More>>
396 Units Sinotruk Sanitation Vehicles Delivered to Senegal for Operation
396 Units Sinotruk Sanitation Vehicles Delivered to Senegal for Operation... View More>>
SINOTRUK INTERNATIONAL ranks 7th in the list of top 100 export enterprises in Shandong Province
SINOTRUK international has established 74 overseas representative offices around the world, and has developed more than 260 dealers.... View More>>
On May 14th, the Media Open Day, with the theme of the “Reform drives SINOTRUK to release vitality” the general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck pointed out that the reform has been effective so far.SINOTRUK sold more than 62,000 heavy trucks in... View More>>
50 units SINOTRUK HOWO Mining Dump Truck delivered to XinJiang
The latest HOWO minig dump truck from Sinotruk is built to win on a proven concept and features the latest technology to optimize fuel efficiency and uptime.Import HOWO mning dump truck from China factroy.... View More>>
Driverless Vehicles –Sinotruk lead the new trends
SINOTRUK booth exhibited 2 diesel tractors truck, 1 electric tractor truck, 1 diesel dump truck, 1 diesel light truck and 2 China 6 emission standard engines.... View More>>
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