howo dump truck equipped with 400hp national 6 Weichai Engine

howo dump truck National 6 equipped with Weichai 400 horsepower

Urban dump trucks are very important for a city. All urban infrastructure projects are inseparable from urban dump trucks. At present, urban dump truck are developing towards more safer and more environmentally friendly .In particular, many cities have implemented National Six emission standards in advance.

Sinotruk HOWO, this name is quite famous in the domestic truck filed! Sinotruk HOWO was born in 2005, and it has been 15 years since it was launched. Even if HOWO A7, HOWO T7H, HOWO T5G and other models were later launched, and even HOWO light trucks,The howo style were still in service.

Weichai WP10H400E62 engine is the heart of this truck. This inline six-cylinder turbo diesel engine is with a displacement of 9.5 liters.It’s maximum output a is  294KW and power of 400 horsepower. The maximum torque is 1900 Nm and the maximum torque. The maximum torque speed is 1200-1300 rpm, and the rated speed is 1900 rpm

This engine uses high-efficiency SCR after-treatment technology. Unlike most engines use EGR system. It’s entire after-treatment mainly relies on DOC + DPF + high-efficiency SCR.

Matching the WP10H engine is the Sinotruk HW19712 gearbox with a total of 12 gears. The highest gear is the direct gear and the speed ratio is 1. The main box of this transmission is a straight double-shaft structure, the auxiliary box is a planetary structure, and the maximum input torque is 1900 Nm. In addition, a HW50 direct-connected power take-off is installed on the gearbox for dump truck lifting.

For the front axle, howo dump truck is equipped with the HR9 front axle, using a multi-leaf spring suspension of 9 steel plates, the front axle brake is disc brakes, and a protective cover is added to the entire braking system, which can effectively prevent splash to damage the brake disc and caliper.

The rear axle uses SINOTRUK  AC16 model wheel-side reduction axle with automatic adjustment arm. The rear axle speed ratio is 4.77. The rear axle uses traditional drum brakes, which has stronger braking force. In addition, the rear axle is also equipped with a lateral stabilizer bar, It provides well guaranteed for driving stability when the vehicle is running on complex road conditions.

The urea tank and the 300-liter aluminum alloy fuel tank are arranged side by side on the left side of the frame. The filling port is very convenient. Whether it is refueling or urea, it is very convenient for the driver. The height of the side rail is just for the two tanks. Enough space.

Because this dump truck is a national 6 emission standard, the after treatment system is more complicated than the national 5 models. There are more exhaust treatment links in the after treatment system.

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